Rob Scallon‘s quirky entertainment knows no bounds as the YouTube star never fails to impress. He’s been celebrating ‘May-Tallica’ all month with video tributes to the thrash legends. This week’s video might be the best one yet as three people play Metallica‘s “One” on one guitar. The eight string axe is Scallon’s own signature model from Chapman, highlighted against a black background. All that is visible are the hands of each guitar player, assuming the roles of lead guitar, rhythm guitar and bass. Everyone has seen the stage move where guitarists will reach over and play each other’s guitars or team up to play one guitar together, but this video takes the antics to another level. A fifth hand enters the fold taking on the bass role, simply using one finger to play the root notes on the top string. Amazingly, there is enough room for all three parts of the …And Justice for All track to be played without compromise and things get even more interesting at the mid-section where all the parts pick up in complexity and the hands take turns at playing certain moments. The highlight of the video comes toward the end where the tapping solo begins and the rhythm’s intensity is at an apex. Scallon’s other ‘May-Tallica’ tribute videos have also included a banjo cover of “Master of Puppets” along with a wild keytar solo, a ukulele cover of “Blackened” and a riff medley running through every Metallica song in chronological order, clocking in at a hair under four minutes.


Bryan Hughes

Check out WOWK Weatherman Bryan Hughes scream when he sees a giant spider on his screen's map.



Check out YouTuber Rob Scallon plays a few notes from every studio album track by Metallica in chronological order in four minutes. In the video above, you see Scallon standing in front of his computer displaying the song titles as he performs riffs for 95 songs on his guitar. Watch as he rips through every Metallica song.


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State Line Empire

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Shark Arm Bite

A woman was bitten by a 2-foot-long nurse shark that was still attached to her right forearm at a Boca Raton, Florida, beach Sunday, according to Boca Raton Fire Rescue Services. Emergency crews responded to a 911 call of a 23-year-old woman bitten by a shark. Though the shark had been killed before the fire department arrived, it was still attached. The woman, with the dead shark still on her arm, was taken to the Boca Raton Regional Hospital in stable condition.


Live Nation

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