Lamont & Tonelli On Twitter

Hey Boneheads, make sure to follow Lamont and Tonelli on Twitter.

Go to the Lamont and Tonelli Twitter page and click on the "FOLLOW," button.

Click on the link here:

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Bonehead BBQ

Hey Boneheads, thank you so much for coming out to the 2nd Annual Bonehead BBQ.

Click here to check out some pictures on the Lamont and Tonelli Facebook page.


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Check out Tonelli grabbing his balls.


ZZ Top

Here are Baby Huey's personal videos of ZZ Top's performance at the Bonehead BBQ in Concord, CA last night.

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Green Day

Check out Green Day's new music video for their song "Oh Love."

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Green Day

Check out this video of Green Day performing "J.A.R.," at the Echoplex in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago.

Can you see Baby Huey in the crowd?

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Angry Birds

Check out this tralier of the new Angry Birds game featuring Green Day music as the soundtrack.

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State Line Empire

Check out Chasta's videos of her husband's band, State Line Empire, from their sold out show at the Red Devil Lounge this past Saturday night.

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iheartradiologo01Hey Boneheads, 107.7 The Bone is now on iHeartRadio.

Check out iHeartRadio's website:

Click here to listen to 107.7 The Bone's online stream through the iHeartRadio website.

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With the iHeartRadio app you can listen to 107.7 The Bone on any smart phone.

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Check out this horny dolphin humping a lady.

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