Bike Wash

Don't take your bike to her to get washed.


Nelson Mazda

Check out this commercial for Nelson Mazda.


Shotgun Harlot

Check out Shotgun Harlot's new music video for their song "Filth, Fury & Fantasy."

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Sammy Hagar

Check out Sammy Hagar performing Rock Candy at the Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley for the Concert For Liza benefit show.

Video of the entire show will be available by the end of the week at:

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Liza Cozad

Hey Boneheads, we need a small favor from you.

This will cost you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

One of our real good friends from the show is David Lauser, the drummer for Sammy Hagar. His wife Liza Cozad needs access to the cancer drug that could save her life.

The FDA is refusing to give her treatment, and she needs our help in the fight against brain cancer.

If you can take a few seconds from your day to click on the link and sign this petition, it would be MUCH appreciated by not only us, but by our buddy David Lauser.

Also, please share this petition with all your online friends, asking them to sign as well.

Click here to view and sign the petition.

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Liza Cozad

Here's a video about Dave Lauser and his wife Liza Cozad Lauser.

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Heather Holmes

We've all been there. In mid conversation when you feel the tickle of the trickle of liquid oozing from one of your nostrils. It's horrible when those you are talking to notice it. It's even worse when you don't have a tissue to catch it before it slides into your mouth. KTVU reporter Heather Holmes had this happen while she was reporting live at a Miley Cyrus concert. It's disgusting to watch, but hilarious to think that she actually said that the fans were just starting to "trickle out" as her unintended liquid snack slid into her mouth.


Chinese Corset

This commercial is awesome.


Adam Sandler

Check out Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore singing a touching love song about being in a romantic comedy together every 10 years on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


Seth Rogen

Comedic Actor and Writer Seth Rogen put aside his doobie to speak before a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services concerning Alzheimer’s Research. His mother-in-law suffers for the horrible disease and he successfully got the world to pay attention to the cause with the speech. Way to go, Rogen. Really cool.

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