Oscars Selfie

Check out Lamont and Tonelli's Oscar Selfie.


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John Travolta

Check out the John Travolta name generator by clicking here.

Hole In The Wall

Firefighters rescued a man who had somehow gotten stuck inside the wall of the office building for 107.7 The Bone yesterday afternoon. The man was pulled from what appeared to be an enclosed drywall facade just outside the building's main lobby. Firefighters used sledge hammers to break him out. He was then transferred to an ambulance and taken directly to San Francisco General Hospital. Neither the building's property manager nor the lobby security guard would comment, though it's believed the man was overheard shouting for food or water. Here are some pictures from the hole in the wall.


Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton has really whore'd himself out this time, surrounding himself with real prostitutes. Slick Willie probably had no clue, but the women Bill posed with at an L.A. charity event Thursday night are two star hookers at the famed Nevada Bunny Ranch brothel. The brunette goes by Ava Adora and the blonde goes by Barbie Girl. According to her bio on the BR website, the blonde is very flexible and specializes in de-virginizing. The brunette "knows how to please a variety of both men and women." We have no idea how they got in to the star-studded Unite4Humanity charity gala -- which honored Clinton along with several other philanthropic celebs like Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese, but we can take a wild guess why they showed. Bubba's really on a roll, back in 2012, he got cozy with a couple porn stars at a gala in Monaco. God we hope Hillary wins. Sources close to the people who ran the event say the 2 hookers were not invited guests -- they were more than likely someone's plus 1 -- and were removed from the party after snapping the pic with Clinton. However, sources close to the 2 women say that's not true.


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Yoga Pants Prank

Check out the yoga pants prank.


Jennette McCurdy

Like some of the finer things in life, nobody knows exactly where they came from. But suffice it to say these apparent Jennette McCurdy lingerie selfies are going to speed around the Interweb at the speed of light squared. I'm not sure if that's possible, but let's just say as fast as Ellen's Oscars selfies, but an infinity or so times more interesting. We've been fans of Jennette McCurdy, the iCarly sidekick since, well, iCarly. A cutie hottie with a killer smile and a body that seems hell bent on sending her or us or both to Hell. Now, you can see much more of it. I'm sure we'll hear much more about these photos in the coming minutes, hours, and days. As well as hopes and prayers that even showier ones exist. I'm lighting candles as we speak.


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Golden State Warriors

After practice in Indianapolis on Monday, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry and head coach Mark Jackson squared off in a shooting contest.


Oscars Selfie

Here is the most tweeted picture from the Oscars!


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Bone Bash XV

It's the biggest concert of the year! Bone Bash XV is Saturday, August 2nd at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View.

This year's lineup includes Boston, The Doobie Brothers and John Kay & Steppenwolf!

Listen for the cue to call at the top of the hour every hour this week from 9am - 4pm. Then be the 15th caller into the studio and you'll win two tickets to Bone Bash XV!

The Bone Presale is Thursday, March 6th at 10am - Friday, March 7th at 10pm, with the password "bonebash", with a limited number of $20 all-in lawn seats available.

Tickets go on sale to the general public Saturday, March 8th at 10am through: www.livenation.com


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Concert For Liza

Check out Sammy Hagar performing at the Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley for the Concert For Liza benefit show.

Video of the entire show will be available by the end of the week at: www.concertforLiza.org

Click here to pictures from the show.

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