Mr. Skin Minute

mrskinpurplelogo01aEvery Thursday at 6:30am we have our weekly chat with Mr. Skin, the expert on nudity in films. Mr. Skin gives us updates on what new releases in theaters we should check out for nudity and what movies/TV shows our favorite actresses are naked in. Check out his website:

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Mr. Skin Minute

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Judy Viger

Police arrested the mother who hired two strippers for her son's 16th birthday party, according to the Glens Falls Post-Star. The newspaper reported that Judy H. Viger, 33, of Gansevoort, was charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child. The Nov. 3 party at Spare Time Bowling Alley featured two exotic dancers performing for partygoers as young as 14. The dancers stripped to thong underwear and bras and gave lap dances to some of the teenagers. A photo taken with a cellphone camera shows an upside-down dancer with a teen's head between her knees and her head between his legs. Police began investigating the party after photos appeared online and stories appeared in the media. Police interviewed many of the 80 people at the part, which took place in a private room that had windows covered with butcher paper. Endangering the welfare of a child is a misdemeanor that can carry a prison sentence up to one year. According to the law, endangerment occurs when a person "knowingly acts in a manner likely to be injurious to the physical, mental or moral welfare of a child less than 17 years old."


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Paris Hilton

Because everything is a photo op for Paris Hilton, she posed for a picture the other day while her boyfriend lay bleeding on a stretcher in Lake Tahoe after falling down the slopes and suffering a gash in his leg. That’s her boyfriend, River Viiperi, in the background mistakenly assuming anyone cared about his condition. In the foreground is Paris whose only concern seemed to be that the camera get her good side. If you could only use one picture to describe Paris Hilton, this would be it. She posted on her Pheed account (yea, I don’t know what that is either), “Such a scary day on the slopes today. After seeing the gash on @RiverViiperi’s leg, I almost passed out. I have never seen a cut that deep in my life. He is so brave, I can’t even imagine the pain he went through today. :(” While this may seem a little cold, Viiperi is actually really lucky. That b*tch could have cut him completely out of the shot.


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Brandon University

Video of a Brandon University basketball coach sinking a half-court basket to win tuition for a student has gone viral. Brandon Bobcats coach Gil Cheung made the incredible shot during the Shoot Out For Tuition contest at the university on Friday. "The ball just felt real good," Cheung told CBC News. "I stood there and as soon as I let it go ... I didn't think it could miss." Students were randomly selected to participate and could take the shot themselves or name anyone in the building to take the shot on their behalf. Mason Kaluzniak opted to have the coach take his shot. As a result of Cheung making the basket, Kaluzniak walked out of the gym with his tuition covered. The video now has over 800,000 views on YouTube.



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