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Valenpoonday Contestant #1

Michael is a 23, short, filipino man and swears he has the smallest dong in history. He has been trying to get a girlfriend for the past two years. He just keeps getting shat on by girls and being led on time and time again. His friends say it would be really nice to see him actually score for once and what better way than sending his ass to the moonlight bunny ranch!? This guy is a real good guy who actually deserves it and would appreciate it like no other.


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Valenpoonday Contestant #2

Travis is 25 years old and his friends say he is the nicest guy they have ever met. He is the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off of his back. However, travis is still a virgin. He has tried several times to date and no such luck.


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Valenpoonday Contestant #3

This is Steve, after being with the same girl for 6 years she dumped him on Christmas Day, out of the blue.  She even took back and returned the presents she gave him that day. She claims because he was cheating on her with an ex (Brazilian stripper) who lives on the East Coast whom he has not seen in 8 years, or spoken to in 4 years. Turns out the real reason is his dick isn't what it used to be.  About 15 years ago in a heavy heroin induced state he broke his dick while doing a girl doggie style.  Even as messed up as he was the pain was phenomenal. (he has been sober 10 years now)  Long story short, things were fine with it for a long time (no pun intended)  Then a few years ago his dick developed a 90 degree turn to the left.  Then that straightened out but shrunk to half it's normal size.  Steve felt embarrassed and just quit having sex.  Went to see the doctor but nothing they can do. Steve has Peyronie's disease. This girl broke his heart, she was the one, at least he thought so.  Steve raised her 2 kids and turned them around.  A year ago they bought a house and let her put it in her name.  Steve gave her all my money for 6 years and made a heck of a lot more than she did.  Steve moved all of our stuff and remodeled that house by myself.  Now that all is well and the house is complete she dumped my dumb ass.  Just Steve and his dog now.


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Lamont and Tonelli
are starting a new feature called VALENPOONDAY.

The guys want to take care of you or someone you may know for Valentine's Day and what better way than sending them to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

Dennis Hof is offering the ultimate party experience.

To enter the contest, please send an email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please explain why you or someone you may know deserves a trip to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch for Valentine's Day, also, you have to include a picture of the contestant.

Check out Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch website: www.bunnyranch.com

Check out Dennis Hof on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DennisHofFanPage

Follow Dennis Hof on Twitter: www.twitter.com/DennisHof

Good Luck!


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Baby Huey's Instagram: www.instagram.com/BabyHuey83

Chasta's Instagram: www.instagram.com/ChastaLynn

Ted's Instagram: www.instagram.com/TedRamey

Go to: www.instagram.com to download the Instagram App.

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ituneslogo01aHey Lamont and Tonelli fans, not only can you listen to our podcasts on our podcast page but you can also listen to our podcasts on iTunes.

To subscribe to the Lamont and Tonelli podcasts follow these simple instructions below:

1. Click the link here.

2. If a window pops up asking you what program you want to use, select "iTunes." Or if a new window opens to a weboage with a list of the Lamont & Tonelli podcasts, click on "View In iTunes," to open up iTunes.

3. The Lamont and Tonelli page on iTunes will open up and select subscribe and you're done.

4. Now you can sync the podcasts onto your iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. Enjoy!

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107.7 The Bone Morning Show Programming/Production Intern

Cumulus San Francisco is currently accepting applications for 107.7 The Bone's Morning Show Programming / Production Intern.

The Morning Show intern will be responsible for assistance in audio editing and the organization of show highlights and podcasts, social networking for the show as well as show preparation work (such as internet research).  Interns will get to work directly with the Morning Show crew and will also assist as needed in-studio, including photography and videotaping.  Hours will be 6:00am to 11:00am, Monday through Friday, and interns will alternate days.

Internships average approximately 10 – 20 hours per week and include mostly day shifts.  Nights, weekends and holidays may be required from time to time.  Internships are for academic credit only.  The intern position requires the following:

- Must be a currently enrolled college student.
- Must have a GPA of C or above.

- Course of study in communications/broadcasting or business is preferred.

- Must have good communication skills – oral and written.
- Must have excellent office and computer skills as well as audio editing experience.

- Must be familiar with the format of the station
- Must have flexible hours and be able to work at least 12 hours per week.
- Current driver’s license and clean driving record helpful.

Please send your resume and a cover letter
by email to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Please put the title of "Morning Show Programming/Production Intern" in the subject line of your message. 
by fax to:  415.995.6951
by mail to:  Recruiting, 55 Hawthorne Street, Suite 1000, San Francisco, CA 94105.

No phone calls, please.  All submissions will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.  KNBR, KFOG and KSAN (107.7 The Bone) are part of Cumulus, an Equal Opportunity Employer, which maintains a drug-free workplace.

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Mr. Skin Minute

mrskinpurplelogo01aEvery Thursday at 6:30am we have our weekly chat with Mr. Skin, the expert on nudity in films. Mr. Skin gives us updates on what new releases in theaters we should check out for nudity and what movies/TV shows our favorite actresses are naked in. Check out his website: www.mrskin.com.

Click on the player below to listen to this week's Mr. Skin Minute.

Click here to check out our podcast page to listen to this week's interview with Mr. Skin.

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