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Chicago Blackhawks Ice Girl

This Ice Girl cam shot happened during a recent Blackhawks game. Just look at the skating skills by this Ice Girl. Of course you didn’t think the girls could really skate. Of course you thought they were just there to look good. Of course you never thought one of the Blackhwaks Ice Girls would go booty first into the goal cam. Is there any other reason to watch the NHL in December?

Last Updated on Friday, December 20 2013 07:39


The Expendables 3

Check out the teaser movie trailer for The Expendables 3.

Last Updated on Friday, December 20 2013 07:47


Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Check out the movie trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Last Updated on Friday, December 20 2013 07:46


22 Jump Street

Check out the movie trailer for 22 Jump Street.

Last Updated on Thursday, April 10 2014 12:15


A Day To Remember

Check out A Day To Remember's new music video for their song "Right Back At It Again."


Mr. Skin Minute

mrskinpurplelogo01aEvery Thursday at 6:30am we have our weekly chat with Mr. Skin, the expert on nudity in films. Mr. Skin gives us updates on what new releases in theaters we should check out for nudity and what movies/TV shows our favorite actresses are naked in. Check out his website:

Click on the player below to listen to this week's Mr. Skin Minute.

Click here to check out our podcast page to listen to this week's interview with Mr. Skin.

Last Updated on Friday, January 10 2014 07:20


Mr. Skin Minute

Here is this week's Mr. Skin Minute video.

Last Updated on Friday, January 10 2014 07:51


Jim Breuer

Check out Jim Breuer's new Christmas song "Santa Claus Ain't Coming To Town."

Check out Jim Breuer's website to purchase the song:

Last Updated on Thursday, December 19 2013 10:04

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