Malcolm McGinnis 1st Annual Benefit Party

Tonight from 6-10pm will be the 1st Annual Malcolm McGinnis Head, Heart and Balls Fundraiser.

This is a party to remember our great friend and celebrate the 4th Anniversary of his legacy, Freewheel Brewing Company.

They are raising money for the scholarship that has been made in honor of Malcolm McGinnis who passed away this past September, the scholarship is called The Malcolm McGinnis Head, Heart & Balls Scholarship and it benefits a graduating senior from the boys lacrosse team at Menlo-Atherton High School in Menlo Park where Malcolm was also a coach.

Freewheel Brewing Company in Redwood City

Live music from Friends of the Brewery: Nick "Toothless Monkey" Peters, The Outer Half, Patch & Rita

Special bottle beer release where 100% proceeds benefit the Head, Heart and Balls Scholarship.

Click here for more info.

Blue Apron

Here's how you make Sweet Potato and Green Chile Quesadillas courtesy of Blue Apron.


Bertucelli's La Villa Delicatessen

Check out Lamont wearing his Bertucelli's La Villa Delicatessen shirt.

Bertucelli's La Villa Delicatessen is located at 1319 Lincoln Ave in San Jose.

Check out their website:


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Bon Appetit

A Chinese restaurant has been accused of serving human feet after a waiter posted a gruesome picture - allegedly taken in its kitchen - on social media. The grim photo shows what looks like two severed and partially decomposed human feet in a blue bowl. It surfaced after a diner from Slovenia went with friends to a restaurant in Padua, in northern Italy and asked for the Chinese delicacy of bear paws. The waiter, who was not named in reports, claims his picture of human feet were the 'bear paws' that were later served to the Slovenian and his friends. After seeing the disturbing picture on social media, a regular Italian customer reported it to the authorities. Police and food standards officials inspected the restaurant and found 55lbs of meat and frozen fish of doubtful origin. They also found dirt and grease all over the refrigerators, on the floors and on the oven, reports said. Packages of frog legs and crab meat were reportedly found to be well beyond their expiry dates. Police have consulted a forensic pathologist about the feet picture, who said they appeared human, and say they are still investigating the image's origin. The restaurant's legal status and whether it is still operating are unclear.


Giant Alligator

A giant Alligator caught strolling through Polk nature center. A giant alligator was caught on camera during a morning stroll at a nature center in Polk County, Florida. The Lakeland Police Department shared the video, taken by Kim Joiner, on their Facebook page saying, “Who says Dinosaurs are extinct?” The big daddy gator was strolling through the Circle B Bar Reserve, an area of of protected lands in Polk County.


Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill is back reading more of Donald Trump's Tweets in his Joker voice.

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Mark Hamill

Here are a couple animated videos of Mark Hamill reading Donald Trump's Tweets in his Joker voice.


2017 Celebrity Death Pool

Here's an updated list of everyone's picks from the 2017 Celebrity Death Pool.

1. Tonelli - 27 Points
2. Lamont - 0 Points
3. Baby Huey - 0 Points
4. Chasta - 0 Points


1. Gord Downie
2. Abu Fatima al-Jaheishi
3. Glenn Campbell
4. Lamar Odom
5. Jerry Lewis
6. Kanye West
7. Phil Specter
8. Burt Reynolds
9. Valerie Harper
10. Ayman Al-Zawahiri


1. Charles Manson
2. Val Kilmer
3. Shannon Doherty
4. George H. Bush
5. Amanda Bynes
6. Dick Cheney
7. Suge Knight
8. Pat Robertson
9. Jimmy Snuka (Passed away on January 15th, 2017) (27 Points)
10. Honor Blackman

Baby Huey

1. Malcolm Young
2. Bobby Brown
3. Wes Scantlin
4. Andrew Dice Clay
5. Tim Curry
6. Dennis Rodman
7. Jerry Stiller
8. Macaulay Culkin
9. Little Richard
10. Steven Seaweed


1. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
2. Bill Cosby
3. Basher Al Assad
4. Jared Fogel
5. Kim Jong-un
6. Barbara Bush
7. Doris Day
8. Bob Newhart
9. Bob Dole
10. Dick Van Dyke

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Donald Trump

The evidence against Donald Trump if he likes Golden Showers is stacking up.


Bon Jovi

You and your band could open up for Bon Jovi at his March 1st concert at SAP Center in San Jose.

Click here for more info to enter the “Bon Jovi Opening Act” contest.
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