Bone Bash XV

Hey Boneheads, in case you missed Lamont and Tonelli's announcement this morning, 107.7 The Bone is excited to announce the addition of Don Felder formerly of The Eagles to the Bone Bash XV lineup.

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Tracy Morgan

Everyone on the Lamont and Tonelli morning show would like to wish Tracy Morgan, a friend of the show, a speedy recovery after being involved in a horrible car accident this past weekend.


Tracy Morgan

Check out Lamont and Tonelli's interview with Tracy Morgan.


Dennis Hof

Check out Dennis Hof's billboard in Oakland.


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Check out Chasta with Goofy at Disneyland getting photobomb by Alice.


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Check out Metallica's entire "By Request" performance from the Rock Am Ring festival this past weekend.



Check out Weezer's drummer Pat Wilson catch a frisbee during the middle of a song.


Steven Tyler

Check out Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, performing "Dream On" on a wall of bottles in Helsinki, Finland.


Drunk Man

Check out this drunk guy getting everyone on a train to sing-a-long.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy

Check out the two TV spots for Guardians of the Galaxy.

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