iPhone 6 Plus

Check out the iPhone 6 Plus bend test.


San Francisco 49ers

Check out San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals fans getting into a brawl.


Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors new stadium design looks like a toilet.



Check out this interaction between a driver and Illinois Cop at a checkpoint.


Daniela Lopez Osorio

Check out Daniela Lopez Osorio.


Kate Upton

Check out Kate Upton.


Jasmine Tridevil

A Florida woman gets a third breast implanted to become "unattractive to men." Her name is Jasmine Tridevil. She's 21, from Tampa, Florida (of course), and her name isn't the only thing that's fake. She also has three breasts on purpose. She was born with two naturals and then, after being rejected by 50 surgeons, found one doctor at the bottom of the barrel who would stick a third one on her right in the middle. The doctor had to make that boob from scratch out of silicone, skin tissue from her stomach, and a mini-implant to create a protruding nipple. Later she had an areola tattooed on to complete the look. As Miss Tridevil explained on The News Junkie program on Orlando radio station 104.1, the whole procedure cost her $20,000, and her doctor required that she sign a non-disclosure agreement protecting his identity so that he "wouldn't get in trouble." But why, you ask yourself in your sane-person's head, would she do this? She wants to become an MTV reality star. MTV hasn't signed on or anything, but she's hired a camera crew on her own to follow her around. Jasmine, if you haven't come up with a name for your show yet, may I suggest Three Boobs on a Little Lady? The show is going to be real, and it will be spectacular. Documenting her life as a three-breasted woman, she saved the moment she showed her mom what she had done for the cameras. This is sad for her family, but great for anyone who wants to see footage of her mom freaking out and running out the door. Her mom now refuses to speak to her, and will not let Jasmine's sister speak to her, either. She told her dad on camera, too. Apparently, he "really isn't happy." Is she crazy? According to Tridevil, "I am crazy. But the crazy people don't know they're crazy, so technically since I know I'm crazy, I'm not crazy." Gotta (third) hand it to her, that's the exact kind of irrational circular logic that is perfect for reality TV. Television stardom is her goal now, but she claims that's not why she got the surgery. She says she is sick of dating, so she made herself "unattractive to men." She clearly underestimates man's motivation. On the plus, side, whoever created that three-boob-bra Etsy store finally has a customer base. And now, here's what you want most from a woman with three boobs: her voice.


Jasmine Tridevil

Check out Jasmine Tridevil who has three breasts.


Wallkill Mighty Mites

Check out the Wallkill Mighty Mites pee-wee football team crash into a banner.


Rockbar Theater

Baby Huey is the official spokesperson for Rockbar Theater.

Check out their website: www.rockbartheater.com

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