Tonelli's Prom Suit

Check out Tonelli's prom outfit.


Lamont's Music Notes For March 8th

March 8th, 1994 - SOUNDGARDEN

Wow! March 8th, 1994 Soundgarden releases their 4th album Superunknown.

Here’s some quick trivia on the album/cd.

-the album DEBUTED at #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album chart.
-five singles were released from the album.
-the album was nominated for a Grammy in 1995 as Best Rock Album
-two singles from the album ”Spoonman” AND “Black Hole Sun” won Grammy awards
-the album was certified 5X platinum by the RIAA

Here’s the video for my favorite Soundgarden song, “Spoonman.”

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Lamont's Music Notes For March 8th

March 8th, 1974 - QUEEN

March 8,1974 marked the release of Queen’s 2nd album “Queen II”

Some quick trivia about Queen II

-The album was delayed a couple of months because of the 1973 oil crisis.
-instead of an “A” and “B” side , Queen II featured Sides White and Black.
-Queen II was the band’s first semi-commercial success, reaching #49 on Billboard’s Top Album Chart.

Here’s one of my favorite Queen songs.

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Donald Trump

After sporting what appeared to be a new suit and tie during his joint session of Congress last Tuesday, President Donald Trump went back to wearing his favorite red tie on Friday that appears to be held together with scotch tape. Thanks to strong gusts of wind that flipped his tie into the air while disembarking Air Force One at Orlando International Airport on Friday, once again it seems as though the president opted to use pieces of scotch tape to keep the bright red tie together. Over the past year, Trump has been photographed several times with his ties flying in the wind exposing the fact that he doesn’t use a tie clip, but instead opts for the cellophane tape to keep the two ends of his tie together. In fact, Trump was famously photographed on arguably the most important day of his life with scotch tape holding his signature red tie together during the inauguration ceremony in January.


Lamont's Music Notes For March 7th

March 7th, 1975 - David Bowie

On this date in 1975 David Bowie released the album “Young Americans”.

Some trivia on the album:

-It was Bowie’s 9th studio album.
-It marked Bowie’s departure from “Glam-Rock”
-the album featured session players that included a young Luther Vandross, and Andy Newmark, the drummer of Sly and the family Stone.
-the album reached #9 on Billboard’s Top Album chart for the year 1985.
-it produced the #1 single “Fame” , which stayed on top of Billboard’s chart for 2 weeks in 1975.
-“Fame” was recorded with John Lennon and was co-written with Lennon and his producer Carlos Alomar.

Here’s Bowie performing “Young Americans” on the Dick Cavett Show In 1975.

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Lamont's Music Notes For March 7th

On this date in 1970, The band Mountain released their debut album “Climbing”. This band might be one of the most underrated bands of the 1970’s and if anything, the band should be commemorated for giving us one of the truly great rock songs on this record “Mississippi Queen”.

Here’s Mountain in 1970 performing “Mississippi Queen” at a bar in New York.

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Donald Trump

I'm in awe starring at President Donald Trump's hair flowing in the wind. I can't look away.


Hail Storm

Check out the putting green at Silver Creek Country Club in San Jose after the hail storm yesterday.


Lamont's Music Notes For March 6th

March 6th, 1975 - Led Zeppelin

On this date in 1975 Led Zeppelin was awarded a Gold record for the double disc album "Physical Graffiti". The album/cd would eventually be certified as 16 times Platinum for sales of over 8 million copies.

Here’s Zep performing Kashmir in concert.


Lamont's Music Notes For March 6th

March 6th,1946 - Pink Floyd's David Gilmour

Happy Birthday to Pink Floyd’s  David Gilmour !! Today he turns 71.

Here’s Gilmour performing an acoustic version of “Wish You Were Here”

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