Crying Terrorist

Check out this ISIS terrorist crying like a baby after being captured by Kurdish forces.


Lyft Me Up

Check out Zia Ahmed's new book called "Lyft Me Up."

It's available on Amazon and at local bookstores.

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German Police Gear

When police in Bavaria, Germany, unveiled their new protective gear last week, some thought the helmets looked like the one worn by Darth Vader in the "Star Wars" films. But other saw a much less ominous similarity, comparing the new gear to Dark Helmet from Mel Brooks' 1987 parody, "Spaceballs." The new gear includes ceramic composite plates and a titanium helmet, which can supposedly withstand being shot by an assault rifle, reports.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Check out this sneak peak of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


The Walking Dead

Check out this prologue to the next chapter of The Walking Dead.


Black Friday

Black Friday was crazy once again. Here's a video captured of an adult shopper tearing a vegetable steamer from a small child's grip during shopping madness. The madness began after a stream of shoppers plowed down a pile of the discounted appliance, sending the boxes flying across the store's floor. As the tot tried to walk away with a box, a woman snatched the apparently in-demand steamer from the kid's hands, the appalling footage uploaded to YouTube on Friday showed. Another woman who appeared to be the child's mother tried to wrestle back the steamer as she held two other boxes of the same appliance. "Get off of me! Why are you being so oppressive? You're scaring me!" the would-be thief yelled. But viewers doubted the video's authenticity, saying the woman's actions were too appalling to be true. "100% was staged," one person commented. "Is … is this staged? People actually dive like that? What did I just watch?" another wrote. Do you think this video is real or fake?

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Last week he was 3-1








The Rock Star Collection

Lamont has a buddy that is starting a new business and is selling autographed guitars (he is a huge collector and it's now time to get rid of them).

Here's a link to his website:

Ryan Scott

Frosch Travel invite you to experience an exclusive Mediterranean Cruise Event, hosted by Ryan Scott.

Join us August 24, 2016 as we sail from Rome to Venice onboard Oceania Cruises for an unforgettable 7-day voyage calling on Sorrento, Sicily, Croatia and Venice.

Hi, Ryan Scott inviting you to join me on a spectacular culinary cruise experience aboard the luxurious Oceania ship Riviera. Our friends at FROSCH travel have arranged a special welcome cocktail party just for KGO listeners. You can even join me for a floating cooking class…and the cuisine aboard Oceania is the finest at sea. We’ll experience ports of call from Rome to Sorrento to Sicily to Venice.

This amazing voyage for listeners includes the cruise, round trip airfare, gratuities, $200 shipboard credit per stateroom, free WiFi and three free shore excursions. Priced from only $4,199 per person, double occupancy for a veranda cabin. So, please don’t delay. Join me, Ryan Scott for seven glorious days. We depart August 24th, but space is limited, so please reserve your place by calling FROSCH travel at 800-548-2522.

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Captain America: Civil War

Check out the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War.

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