Anna Michelle Walters

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A Chesterfield substitute teacher was let go last week after allegations were made by a recent graduate, confirmed a school spokesman. On Tuesday night, just as candidates took off gloves and squared off at the second Presidential debate, a former Cosby High School graduate prepared his own statements. The Cosby graduate took to Twitter with allegations that a Cosby substitute teacher had engaged in sexual activity with him, while he was a student. The graduate posted a tease to his Twitter followers on Tuesday afternoon, saying that he would break some news. He encouraged his followers and anyone who attends or attended Cosby High School to be on Twitter, saying “it will be a treat.” At 9:15 p.m., after announcing that he was “hammered,” the student then began releasing what he says are nude photos of a substitute teacher at Cosby High School. He also posted alleged text message correspondence between him and the teacher, that insinuate they had sexual relations back in April, when he was a high school senior. Twitter exploded with the news. And – The substitute teacher has been identified as Anna Michelle Walters. We’ve learned Walters worked at the school until last Friday.

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