Ozzy Osbourne

Check out this great picture of Ozzy Osbourne.


Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath is coming to the SAP Center in San Jose on Tuesday, February 9th. Tickets go on sale on Saturday, September 12th at 10am at: www.livenation.com


Robert Wright

Robert Wright approached a KMPH Fox 26 photographer after a fire inside an apartment on Cedar Ave. near Bullard Ave. in Fresno. A woman and her 6-year-old child were hospitalized with smoke inhalation. Robert Wrighsaid he is a neighbor, and had to rescue his family while keeping an eye on the ribs he was barbecuing.


Taylor Swift

Did Taylor Swift fart?

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I think it might be time to get Lemmy off the road. The band is currently out supporting their new album, Bad Magic, but the last few days have been troublesome for Lemmy. It all started in Salt Lake City, UT, where Lemmy had to stop the show a few songs in, because the air was too thin. The next night in Denver, they didn't even try. Lemmy just came on stage and apologized and said he can't.

After a few days off, the band had a gig in Austin last night and things didn't turn out any better. Glide Magazine was there and offered this:

Lemmy emerged onstage looking fatigued and winded. Though a little slow on the bass, Lemmy was clearly trying hard to make it through set opener “Damage Case”, but something felt off. “Stay Clean” and “We Are Motörhead” also felt lackluster despite the energy of his band. After announcing the next song – “Metropolis” – Lemmy let out a sigh and announced, “I can’t do it”, before leaving the stage with the rest of his band. He returned moments later and apologized to a disappointed but supportive Austin crowd, which was followed by the house lights and music coming on, and concerned (slightly annoyed) fans funneling out.

Look, I understand there is an entire brand that depends on this guy, but to me it seems like Lemmy should not be on the road right now. He's negatively affecting his health and basically tarnishing Motorhead's reputation by cancelling all of these shows. Lemmy needs some rest and it doesn't seem like the road is the place to get it.

Here is video of the moment in question:


Inflatable Ducks

Check out all these inflatable ducks going off at the same time.


Kanye West

Check out Kanye West making his stand-up comedy debut.


One Guy 23 Voice

Check out this guy singing in 23 different voices.


Samy The Psychic

samythepsychic01aSamy The Psychic is in the studio taking listener readings.

Call 1-800-922-SAMY to talk to Samy personally.

Check out Samy The Psychic's website: www.samythepsychic.com

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Check out Baby Huey's videos of ONOFF performing at The Quarter Note Bar & Grill in Sunnyvale.

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